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Author:       Hiep Q. Dinh
Address:      School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
              Russ College of Engineering and Technology
              Ohio University
              Athens, Ohio 45701
Phone:        (740)-xxx-xxxx
E-mail:       hd142204@ohio.edu | mg9h@yahoo.com
Hiep Dinh
Here is the links

URL Description
http://www.itbk.org Wonderful land for IT Student formed by students from Hanoi University of Technology
http://www.fotech.net Another forum for IT Student, this one comes from Faculty Of Technology, National University of Hanoi
http://www.diendantinhoc.org If you wanna ask anything about IT, go there
http://www.ioicamp.com A forum with online contest system by vietnamese people
http://www.trungvuong.edu.vn Forum for former students from Trung Vuong high school
http://www.giatinhvanvn.org A place for Alyssa Chia fans

Algorithm problems
URL Description
http://acm.timus.ru An online judge from Russian
http://acm.uva.es An online judge from Spain
http://dsapvn.hypermart.net A place where the best become better

Free Mailbox
URL Description
http://mail.yahoo.com Yahoo! Mail with the capacity of 1GB
http://www.gmail.com Google Mail with 2GB+ mailbox

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